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Friday, December 21, 2007

Debugger stories: pending breakpoints

KDevelop 3.5 has a subtle bug. Sometimes, when you step over a function call, you don't stop on the next line. Instead, the application is resumed until it hits a breakpoint, or exits. This bug, in fact, is consequence of how breakpoints in shared libraries are implemented.

Suppose you've just started a debugger, and try to set a breakpoint on a function in a shared library. The library itself might not be loaded yet, in which case GDB cannot find the address of the symbol to set the low-level breakpoint. To handle this case, starting with version 6.1, GDB supports pending breakpoints. Such breakpoints don't correspond to any address in program, they only keep the specified breakpoint location as string. Whenever a new shared library is loaded, GDB tries to re-parse breakpoint location again, and if that succeeds, creates an ordinary breakpoint.

Now, this does not work when using the MI interface, for a couple of reasons:

  • When a pending breakpoint is resolved, it is deleted, and new one is created. And GDB fails to inform MI frontend about this.
  • It's actually not possible to create pending breakpoint using MI at all.

Because of these issues (and a bit of historic reasons) KDevelop 3.5 simulates pending breakpoints. GDB is asked to stop whenever a shared library is loaded, and when that happens, KDevelop tries to reinsert breakpoints. This works pretty well, except for the bug I mention in the beginning. Suppose you're stepping over a function call (this uses the "next" command on GDB level). The function opens some shared library, and which point GDB stops and KDevelop tries to reinsert breakpoints. After that KDevelop would like to continue the "next" operation, but it's already aborted by GDB. All we can do is continue the program.

But it's not longer the case today. As I wrote earlier GDB was recently modified so that a breakpoint can correspond to several addresses, such as of template instantiations. A breakpoint is re-evaluated each time a shared library is loaded or unloaded, and locations are added to breakpoint and removed as appropriate, but it remains the same breakpoint. The nice side effect is that pending breakpoints are now just breakpoints with zero locations, that are reevaluated just like other breakpoints, and don't ever change their number.

In addition to that, I wrote patches to add pending breakpoint support to MI -- which mainly involved getting rid of two parallel breakpoint-setting code paths -- one for MI and one for CLI. Thanks to review of Joel Brobecker and Daniel Jacobowitz, those patches went in GDB CVS eariler this month. KDevelop 3.5 SVN was modified to automatically detect and use this GDB feature. So, if you're willing to build CVS HEAD of gdb and KDevelop from KDE 3.5 branch, you can finally have breakpoints in shared library just working.

This was probably my last KDevelop 3.5 commit. KDevelop 4 is ahead.

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