Vladimir Prus


Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Since our primary mail, and file and application server is now suffering surgery, I've decided I'd configure my local box. Now KDE is happily running and I need to do something with email -- which was on the server.

I've just registered with a free service offering IMAP access, and tried to send a message. Results are quite remarkable.

  • KMail reports it can't send the message. No further information, no diagnostic.
  • Thunderbird seems to send the message, but then hangs trying to copy the message to the "Sent" folder. The copy progress dialog hangs forever.
  • Evolution seems to do better. It has sent the mail and did not complain about anything. But it has stored the sent mail locally. What's the point of IMAP, then? Ok, well, there's configuration option to change that, but creating "Sent" folder on the server was not successfull, either.

This really doesn't not look right. Of course, maybe the there's something wrong on server side, but I hate when programs fail with no explanations, like this:

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